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    Szukasz miejsca do gry ze znajomymi? A może osób które zechcą z Tobą zagrać w jakąś grę? Ten Discord jest dla Ciebie !! Posiadamy miłą i doświadczoną administrację !! Zapraszamy !!
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  4. Centurion


    Uwaga Konkurs!! Cześć, Ostatnio wystartowała nowa edycja trybu megadrop! Ze względu, że mam trochę pieniędzy z serwera chciałbym zorganizować konkurs na 2 x 20 zł psc dla pierwszej topki pvp na serwerze. Mimo, że to jest mało masz zawsze możliwość wygrać to w uczciwy sposób. Weźmy przykład serwera gdzie jest ponad 100 osób gdzie nawet nie będziesz się w stanie dostać do topki a co dopiero wygrać taki konkurs. Powodzenia! 
  5. Every day, LGBTQ young people from all walks of life log into TrevorSpace, the world’s largest moderated safe space for LGBTQ youth online. Here, young people can support each other, share their stories, and find refuge from what might be a less than accepting environment offline. Launched in 2008, TrevorSpace is housed under The Trevor Project, the foremost suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth in the world. Having an affirming digital community has been an indispensable resource for the youth The Trevor Project aims to protect, but guiding it to the success it enjoys today has had its challenges. Shortly after its launch, TrevorSpace rapidly grew to serve tens of thousands of users in just a few years. While the platform initially started on commercial community software, some unique requirements led the organization to go custom, building a community platform from the ground up. Faced with increasing hosting and development costs and declining user activity, senior leadership faced a tough decision: either dramatically transform the program, or discontinue it altogether. That’s when Invision Community stepped in. “We were already planning a digital transformation, replacing everything from our physical computers to our crisis services software infrastructure, the platforms that young people use to reach out to us, like TrevorLifeline, TrevorChat, and TrevorText,” John Callery, director of technology at The Trevor Project said of the challenges facing the organization at the time. “We had to be very careful with our resources and where we allocated our time.” Continuing the TrevorSpace program would mean The Trevor Project needed to move to a solution that could be implemented and managed with very limited resources while still providing the quality of care that the community had come to expect. It also meant meeting the specific needs of the organization’s mission, particularly around safety. After looking into the Invision Community platform per the suggestion of a team member, it became clear that they had all of the fundamentals TrevorSpace was looking for, like messages boards, social networking, and private messaging. Here was a chance to save the platform. Customers rarely have the opportunity to meet the people behind the technology they use. This wasn’t the case for The Trevor Project and the Invision Community team, who made it clear they believed in our mission to support LGBTQ youth in crisis and were willing to partner with us to realize our specific needs and figure out new solutions. Through utilizing the Invision Community team’s applications and plugins, we were able to meet all of our community’s custom needs, adding functionality unique to TrevorSpace to protect our users, many of whom are especially vulnerable when it comes to their privacy. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of the Invision Community team. For just one example of how crucial TrevorSpace is to young LGBTQ people around the world, listen to Mani Cavalieri, the community’s product manager: “When the most prevalent forms of social media are so enmeshed with our in-person relationships, LGBTQ youth often lose a safe place to explore their identities. TrevorSpace is one of those special communities that balances anonymity (often a necessity for safety) with real, personal connections.” Since joining the team, Mani has already seen multiple instances of users finding lifelong friends - and even partners - over the years on TrevorSpace - and on the Invision Community platform, it is able to reach more users than ever before. In January 2018, TrevorSpace received double the number of registrations than any other month in the program’s 10-year history. We continue to see more than a thousand new registered members each week. As we begin international promotion of the program, we expect to break many more records in the coming year. As we continue to grow TrevorSpace, we also continue to rely on Invision Community’s extensibility. Our mission is to improve support networks and mental resilience for our users. This requires us to understand our users’ behavior and needs from a different perspective than other online communities, and it will continue to require more custom solutions. The marketplace of plugins, as well as the enthusiastic support of the Invision Community team, enable us to be bold in our ambitions, to build out a community that is truly unique in its class, and to improve the lives of those that need a supportive community the most. As one user puts in, in their welcome message to each newcomer: “That's our little secret - there's some one here, going through what you're going through. Whether that be mental health, body issues, parents, friends, and whatever else life as someone who's LGBTQ+ can throw at you. Reach out, and someone will be there for you.” - This entry was written by The Trevor Project team Przeczytaj cały wpis
  6. Zapraszam na serwer discord oferujemy: Miła administracja! Boty serwerowe Tematyka discorda to między innymi GTA RP, FORTNITE , CSGO itd Ogarnięte rangi i permisje Pomocne i miłe towarzystwo
  7. NewsBot

    Quick Links

    Quick Links Is a very simple plugin, yet with many options for adding a new "Hamburger menu" function, right beside of User bar section. Click on this, will open a Full screen menu with these items: Up to 8 Grid with 7 links for each, can be activate or sets for each section throughout plugin settings Background color setting for Full screen menu Option for Sticky header Color option for links. link color and hover Social media Icons for linking to official social media pages Contact us section Live Demo Przeczytaj cały wpis
  8. When you use the search functionality (which encompasses search and streams), the ENTIRE content item text for each matching item is returned on the page. Which may be a stunningly large amount of text. All of it. For each item. For both search results and stream results, after all that text has arrived and the page has fully loaded, a javascript controller is then applied. For search results, the javascript finds the matching search term/s in the content, highlights those terms, and then provides a snippet of text before and after. All well and good and working as intended. Streams, which is just search results based on non-term-based queries, the javascript applied is only truncating all of that text down to two or three lines of text. That's it. It would be awfully wonderful if this truncation happened before dumping all this text to the page... I can't help much with search results without handling the finding-the-match-in-the-text stuff, but for STREAM results, I got this. This lets you set a limit of words kicked out to the page per content item. From 50 to 500. Now, with a stunningly LESS amount of text getting pushed to the stream pages only to get truncated via javascript, stream pages will be MUCH faster. Note that the truncate function on stream pages is still being applied. The advantage here is not loading the page with so much unnecessary text to be truncated. Stream page items may truncate down to two OR three lines. Recommend leaving the word setting at 100 at least. Adjust as needed for font sizes, and so on, and such forth... English language tested. Yell at me if this breaks Russian or whatever and I can take a look but don't expect instant results. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  9. This application allows you to Sign up and Sign in using the account of Yandex.Passport, as well as to synchronize the user name and profile photo from Yandex to the IPS account. Main Functionality Sign up and sign in using your Yandex.Passport account using OAuth authorization. Linking an existing on IPS account to your Yandex.Passport account. Use and sinc your Yandex.Passport name as your username. Use and sinc your Yandex.Passport photo as your profile photo. Customizable logo to display in information about logins with this method. Important note For the application to work, you must obtain the 3 permission from API Yandex.Passport for your oAuth application. Access to email Access to login, first_name, last_name, sex Access to avatare Przeczytaj cały wpis
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  11. Serdecznie zapraszam was na nowy serwer discord który jest w budowie i poszukuje osob do grona administracji spróbuj swoich sił na rekrutacji
  12. Witam, poszukuję kreatywną i doświadczoną osobę, która zbuduje mi od zera spawn na serwerze. Chętnych, proszę o kontakt na pw. Oczywiście zapłacę
  13. MaticzekYTPL

    Q&A - Pytania #1

    Czy dasz mi uprawnienia do korzystania z narzędzi moderatora na terenie mojego działu?
  14. MaticzekYTPL


    Zapraszam wszystkich na FireSquad! :> Ponad 3k członków, miła atmosfera, duża aktywność, autorski bot i wiele więcej! Sprawdź sam:
  15. Serwer został w końcu zaktualizowany do wersji 1.13.2
  16. Zmiany które do tej pory wprowadziłem: System warnów zintegrowany z mysql I część integracji z www
  17. Czym jest ITGroup? ITGroup jest serwerem stworzonym dla programistów i nie tylko! Możesz dołączyć do niego, jeśli potrzebujesz pomocy z programowaniem lub też chcesz się go nauczyć. Nasza miła administracja rozwiąże Twoje problemy tak szybko, jak tylko będzie mogła. W powyższym zdaniu napisałem, że ITGroup jest nie tylko dla programistów. Jest to prawda. Nawet jeśli nie umiesz programować, to możesz do nas dołączyć nawet po to, aby porozmawiać z innymi użytkownikami na kanale #offtopic. U nas nie ma zasady "równi i równiejsi". Każdy będzie u nas traktowany tak samo niezależnie od rangi, wyznawanej religii, czy też orientacji seksualnej. Na ITGroupie możesz znaleźć również znajomych do grania w gry. Rocznica powstania serwera obchodzona jest 27 grudnia. If you live in English-speaking countries, you can talk to users in the English part of the server. Zaproszenie:
  18. Art. 148. § 1. Kto zabija człowieka, podlega karze pozbawienia wolności na czas nie krótszy od lat 8, karze 25 lat pozbawienia wolności albo karze dożywotniego pozbawienia wolności. § 2. Kto zabija człowieka: 1) ze szczególnym okrucieństwem, 2) w związku z wzięciem zakładnika, zgwałceniem albo rozbojem, 3) w wyniku motywacji zasługującej na szczególne potępienie, 4) z użyciem broni palnej lub materiałów wybuchowych, podlega karze 25 lat pozbawienia wolności albo karze dożywotniego pozbawienia wolności. § 3. Karze określonej w § 2 podlega, kto jednym czynem zabija więcej niż jedną osobę lub był wcześniej prawomocnie skazany za zabójstwo. § 4. Kto zabija człowieka pod wpływem silnego wzburzenia usprawiedliwionego okolicznościami, podlega karze pozbawienia wolności od roku do lat 10.
  19. Witam, Poszukuje ogarniętego, doświadczonego technika/programiste na serwer Minecraft. Oferty proszę kierować na PW. Pozdrawiam Za wykonaną robotę, oczywiście zapłacę.
  20. This application allows you to Sign up and Sign in using the account of Odnoklassniki social network, as well as to synchronize the user name, profile photo and status from Odnoklassniki to the IPS account. Main Functionality Sign up and sign in using your Odnoklassniki account using OAuth authorization. Linking an existing on IPS account to your Odnoklassniki account. Use and sinc your Odnoklassniki name as your username. Use and sinc your Odnoklassniki photo as your profile photo. Import last status in Odnoklassniki and use as your status updates. Customizable logo to display in information about logins with this method. Important note For the application to work, you must obtain the GET_EMAIL permission for your oAuth application. To request permissions you need to send the app id and the list of required permissions with the description their use cases to email [email protected] I recomended request all needed permissions, that VALUABLE_ACCESS, LONG_ACCESS_TOKEN and GET_EMAIL. Granting permits usually occurs within 3 business days. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  21. Więc straciłem wszystko po tym jak typek mnie zabił na głównym i jak zostało mi 14 minut do zrespienia sie w szpitalu to nagle sie zrespiłem i w prawym dolnym rogu wyskoczylo mi ze -1kajdanki itd. w danych mam tylko ze mialem 12500 brudnych dostalem od typa a stracilem juz mowie: klamke kajdanki 10k czystych 30 paczek mariuhany i jakies jedzenie ale to nie wazne screnna moge wyslac ale to i tak nic nie da :)
  22. Bot przechodzi teraz renowacje, cały kod zostaje przepisywany na nowo w bardziej czytelny sposób. :) dodane są również aliasy i też będzie strona projektu <3
  23. NewsBot

    Update Checks

    This is a simple application I made because I thought it was long to keep going onto my server to change the update check php files each time I update a app or plugin How to use Simply upload the .tar file and wait for install Navigate to this apps menu in the ACP and click files Click to create new and enter all the details about the application Files Name Files Version Files Long Version Files Update URL Files Release Date If you have downloads installed and files uploaded you can choose to use that file to bring the name and update url automatically by selecting that file from the list, if you don't have downloads installed and files uploaded then you would enter the data manually Each one has a little button on the table what will bring up the update url you will add to your app or plugin NOTE... Unless you are a developer who makes apps / plugins / themes this app will be no use to you it is only intended to be used by developers for easy access to edit their files update checks Przeczytaj cały wpis
  24. This application will allow moderators to send predefined personal messages to members who reported a content. This is a sort of a feedback for those who take their time to help to keep things civilized in your community. All the fields are translatables, which means you can use different messages per different languages. Settings: Message author Current logged in user Specific user Add comment to the report If enabled, a comment will be added to report (moderator content tab) saying that a message was sent to the member who reported. Admin CP restrictions: View Messages Add Messages Edit Messages Delete Messages Manage Settings Przeczytaj cały wpis
  25. The plugin adds a photo upload form to the new user registration form. Plugin settings: Maximum photo size; Max photo width / height; Przeczytaj cały wpis
  26. Witam, jestem nowy na serwerze i ostatnio (wtorek wieczor) na głównym o godzinie 1 okradłem jednego z graczy/administracji z niewiedzą że na głównym nie można okradać, z gory przepraszam za to. Wracałem od razu to oddac kiedy dowiedzialem sie ze tak nie mozna lecz bylo za pozno poniewaz dostalem juz bana. Prosiłbym o ub i akcja nigdy sie nie powtorzy, jest to moja pierwsza przygoda z rp, chcialbym postac rozwijac poki mam czas. Przepraszam jeszcze raz i prosze o szybkie rozpatrzenie, mam nadzieje ze dostane ub
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