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  1. Na ostateczne wydanie 1.14.4 Minecraft: Edycja Java musieliśmy tym razem czekać dość długo, bo poprzedziła je aż siedem wydań pre-release, w kórych większość dotyczyła optymalizacji szybkości gry oraz poprawek dużej ilości błędów. Więcej... Przeczytaj cały wpis
  2. Bad communities promise great things to its members. Good communities offer great things to its members. Great communities fulfill the greatness of its members. A primary purpose of every community is to fulfill the needs of its members. A strong community will go beyond the immediate, basic needs and ensure that fulfillment is a positive experience. By doing so, it builds in positive rewards and reinforcement for an enjoyable sense of togetherness. One of the cornerstone ideas of behavioral sciences is reinforcement: delivering a positive experience to members through multiple dimensions. Why they come, why the stay, and how to fulfill those needs is our third element of Sense of Community: Rewards & Reinforcement. Discover all the ways to fulfill member needs for your Invision Community. Fulfillment of Functional Needs Your community must have a clear and unique purpose. Your community must offer something valuable. And your community must solve a problem. This is the prime reason why a user would visit you in the first place and how you fulfill his most basic needs. He searches for a question, and your community provides the answer. Many communities build up their expertise through two ways: Crowd-source community solutions - You can highlight community-driven solutions in Invision Community to curate attention to the best answers. Two of the most underutilized features are Content Messages and Recommended Replies, which allow moderators to showcase and explain great user content. Bring experts into the community – Authoritative content should be posted and marked separately from regular user content. You can accomplish this by giving experts a dedicated Blog, authorship in Pages, or enabling Post highlights. Fulfillment of Personal Needs Beyond the fulfillment of basics needs, users want other wishes and desires. It’s impossible to identify all personal needs, but here are three of the biggest ones why users come together more: Group Status – People like to be on the “winning team,” and community success brings group members closer together. Highlight community success in your monthly newsletter or topic announcements. Competence – People are attracted to others with skills or competence. Introduce superusers and subject matter experts (SMEs) through interviews, team talk, or AMA topics ("ask me anything"). Rewards – Behavioral research shows that users gravitate toward groups that offer more rewards. Use tools like the Leaderboard, Group rank, Badges, and Reputation for extrinsic motivation that excite users and make them feel special. Fulfillment of Shared Values Society and our upbringing instruct us in a set of shared values. We bring those values into our online communities because they provide a framework of how to address our emotional and personal needs and the priority in which we address them. When users with shared values come together, they’re more receptive to helping others with the same value system: A Values Statement: Make it a point to identify the shared values in your community, in Guidelines or on a separate page. Affirm those principles in your interactions and, in difficult situations, frame your decision by referencing your community values. Private communities with high engagement usually have the strongest statements of values. Process vs. Outcome: How you answer is just as important as the answer. If you run a community that is technical, offers customer support, or involves lots of questions-and-answers, the process by which you arrive at the solution can help other users troubleshoot similar but different problems. Reinforce the solving process, and you’ll discover users will feel better about sharing their knowledge even if they don’t know the exact answer. Fulfillment by Networking Groups will naturally coalesce into smaller groups, as people find other people that they enjoy and who fulfill their own needs. Strong communities find ways to fit people together. Multiply Relationships: The sooner you can build relationships among members, the stronger those members will feel towards your community. In my community, I’ve created an “Ambassador” task force that welcomes new members to build personal relationships as soon as possible. Be a Networker: One of the virtues of being a community manager is that you’re normally introduced to the greatest number of people. Use your personal network within the community to connect two users together, bring other users into a conversion, or tap the expertise of others to help answer user questions. CONCLUSION There’s an Arabian proverb that says, “A promise is a cloud, fulfillment is rain.” Make it rain. Find ways to fulfill the greatness of your members, unleash a tidal wave of rewards and reinforcement that touch upon all the functional, personal, communal, and social needs of your members in the ultimate approach to member fulfillment. Build not just a good community, but a great one. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  3. Kolejne wydania 4/5/6 pre-release dla wersji 1.14.4 Minecraft: Java pojawiły się w ciągu ostatnich dwóch tygodni. Szóste pra-wydanie 1.14.4 ma być już ostatnim przed wypuszczeniem ostatecznej wersji, jeśli nie trafią się jakieś krytyczne błędy. Więcej... Przeczytaj cały wpis
  4. Light theme that work with latest IPS Community the third theme in the Oblivion series with blue focus. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  5. NewsBot

    Helm Theme

    Helm Theme Simple and beautiful dark design features: Megafooter Icon Forums Quest Message Social Media Link Demo Przeczytaj cały wpis
  6. This plugin will sticky the topic title at top of the screen, so that it is even visible while scrolling. This is handy for people which open many tabs at the same time to keep in mind in what topic they are:) Przeczytaj cały wpis
  7. With this plugin you may allow members to indefinitelly edit their own topics/posts. It's helpfull for various reasons on a boards with important and updated frequently informations from members about them, their work, hobby etc. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  8. Easily ban or unban any member from participating in topics. You may protect some groups (for example admins or moderators) from being banned. It display banned members first on the list to easily find them and unban. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  9. Here is the translation of the add-on: (BIM) Hide Link And Code It includes the complete translation into French of the add-on If you see an error, please contact me by Private Messages. Add-on Original: Przeczytaj cały wpis
  10. This application will allow you to integrate seamlessly with, with the option of having a modal dialog. Includes Single Sign On integration so your users can post feedback and reports without having to make a new account at is a modern user feedback & suggestions app with: Issue down and up voting A roadmap Markdown support Single Sign On Custom branding Board privacy Duplication detection Email reports Installation: Make an account at and create your SSO key Install the app in admincp Visit the Nolt Integration settings and enter your SSO key, and your board name (for e.g. if your board is then enter awesomeboard) Enter the menu manager in admincp and create a Link and place it wherever you want in your menu. There is also a basic widget if you'd prefer to use that. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  11. Now customize your Widgets!!! With this plugin you can (By data-blockid) Add fontawesome Icon in the title Widget Set Color Icon Set Background Title Widget Przeczytaj cały wpis
  12. The Call to Action Banner Plugin is used to capture the visitor's attention and redirect it toward a critical action (e.g., downloading your application). Demo Edit block settings Header Widget Background Text Box Title Title Color Description Description Color Banner Image Link Banner Link To Przeczytaj cały wpis
  13. This archive contains the translation of all the applications listed below. System (global system, common to all other applications) Blog Calendar Commerce Converter Downloads Forums Gallery Pages By Ultim Host SAS Przeczytaj cały wpis
  14. NewsBot

    Tell A Friend

    How about let people invite others to your board? This resource will allow users (members and/or guests) to invite their friends by filling a form that will be sent via email. Form will be processed and email sent via ajax but if the user opens the form on a new page/tab, then a minimal "thanks" page will show after submit the form. Settings: Form on/off Groups allowed to use the form Members: The form won't be submitted if the email used belongs to a registered member (that wouldn't make sense to "invite" someone who already is a member from the community) Guests: They will be asked to provide their name and email address A captcha will be added to the form Warning and Email Subject/Content: The message in the form, the email subject and body are language bits so you are free to change them to whatever you want in your own Admin CP. Przeczytaj cały wpis
  15. BASED ON Sidebar steam group (original credits: @puffysticks.) This is a integrated sidebar widget showing information about your steam group. The widget block has two color options that can be switched from the settings of the block, so it will fit with any color scheme you have on your theme. It also has some toggle options to hide/show the group description or members of the steam group. P.S. All puffysticks customers can have access to this plugin, simply contact me Przeczytaj cały wpis



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