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This application adds in your community place which allows your members creating and selling their online courses. Members can create free online courses, courses with flat price and package price courses. Packages in course allow members giving different additionals and author decides what they are.

Basic functionalities:

  • Categories with permissions
  • Ability to create courses by members (permission per group)
  • Ability to upload movies to local storage (permission per group)
  •  Ability to define time to access to course (we can define how long members after joining to course have access to content. Eg. We can set unlimited access or access only through X days)
  • Ability to define expiration date to join (for example, we can determine that we can sign up for the course only until day X, after this day the course will still be visible, but you will not be able to join it anymore)
  • Customer center with course list to which member joined
  • Widgets
  • Ability to organize course as modules or simple lessons
  • Ability to share additional materials to each lesson
  • Ability to comment courses
  • Ability to comment each lesson (course author cant urn on/off this function)
  • Ability to review courses (admin cant urn on option which allow to add opinion only members which joined to course)
  • Ability to review each lesson (course author can turn on/off this function)
  • Abiliy to define course description which will be shown only for course students
  • Students list (only course author can see)

For proper operation of the application, the Commerce (IP.Nexus) application is necessary.

Be the first. This is the first version of this application. Next version will have more features and will be more expensive


Demo aplikacji / Application demo:

Galeria zdjęć / Gallery:



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