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Grapply Chat

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A chat application for Invision Community, integrated directly into your community! (This is not an embedded chat feature)

What is it?

Grapply Chat gives your community the option to chat with each other from anywhere!

What's included?


  • Chat with anyone in the community from anywhere.
  • Block / Unblock members from chatting with you.
  • View client chat logs from within ACP.
  • The ability to enable/disable Grapply Chat or just chat notifications for your account.
  • The ability to manage your chat blocks from within Account Settings.
  • Fully customizable themes using the Grapply Theme Generator so you can rest assured that Grapply Chat will line up with your IPS theme.

What's to come?

Coming Soon

  • Member specific permissions.
  • The ability to report a member and include a log of their chat.
  • A list of online members.
  • Customizable chat bots.
  • Configure an external server to alleviate some of the stress that this application may put on your forum database.
  • Have more than a few chats open without them flowing over the entire screen.
  • The ability to send images and other media including oEmbed content from within chat.
  • Support for parsing emojis.
  • More to come!

Other useful information

Important Notes

  1. Grapply Chat is still in its early beta phase, these features may not perform with the stability you will expect, but future iterations will improve on them.
  2. This application may have an undesired performance hit on your forums due to the amount of requests required for it to operate. To alleviate this, you can try to raise the Client Refresh Rate in ACP to help with this. In the future, there will be an option to use a secondary server dedicated to chat processing to help alleviate this.
  3. There is a known issue where if you have more than a few chats open on a small screen, they will start stacking vertically. This is already being fixed and should come in the next update. (This is one of the main reasons the application is still in beta)
  4. This application is not yet optimized for mobile, so it may bring an unwanted experience to mobile users. This will be addressed in the upcoming release.


I would greatly appreciate feedback while this application is in it's beta phase. This is how I will tailor it to fit your needs. Please leave any feedback in the forum topic for this application, or feel free to send me a PM.


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