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Rahina Midnight Blue

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Rahina Midnight Blue Is a Dark theme, With Night Sky/Midnight Blue colors combination designed for Invision community Site 4. This theme have some special feature for better engagement, such as Scroll-based Header section as "Leveled-Animation", special design for Topics and Posts section, footer and more.

You can see the Light Version here, and Live Demo of this theme at


Some of Rahina Midnight Blue theme Features:


  • Full-Width Header and navigation with a lot of space
  • Scroll-base Header with leveled-animation. Header will resize based on how user scroll a page
  • Option for uploading an Image background for entire header



  • Drop down navigation with a nice animation efect





  • Nice "Ripple" animation when you interact with community buttons and navigation links



  • New Stats section for Topics
  • New Back to base forum button, that also uses forum's designated color



New design for Posts in topic area, with this features:

  • Online Indicator icon for post author
  • Special icon for "Topic Starter"
  • Always Organize and Condensed "User Info Panel" section with a brand new "Toggle button". Expand/Collapse for extra information like number of likes, posts, profile fields and ...




  • Special Footer Section with exclusive settings in Theme's edit page.
  • Social Icons integrated with IPS Default Social profile settings.


  • Purchase this theme before price up, and you can also ask for discount against purchase of one of the "Pages Legend" Templates (Blocks, News, Reviews and Profiles).
  • Live Demo



Rahina Light



Rahina User Info Panel

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