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Pages SuperDirectory is a set of Pages templates to create directory sections on your site using Pages databases. Use the full power of Pages combined with a beautiful and engaging template set. You can create any type of directory: Job boards, company directories, links from your field, developers on your site … whatever you want! Check out the live demo!


>Live Demo<

What’s needed: 

  • IPS 4.4 in their most recent version with the Pages application. 
  • You should be familiar with setting up Pages database. 
  • Your database should use multiple categories and the record image.

What is included:

  • A Pages template set for the views: record listing, category listing and record view
  • A settings plugin to customize the directory databases
  • detailed installation instructions as PDF

Detailed Feature Description:

All featured ordered by template view:

  • General:
    • User Mode. Choose to either feature the record image (default) or the creator avatar (for a directory of members on your site.)
    • Header background color
    • Header foreground color
    • Header background opacity
    • Support for category images using the Category Images app by All Astronauts
  • Category View:
    • Show search form (Yes/No)
    • “Add Record” button on homepage (Yes/No)
    • Use custom header image (linked file as URL)
    • Set custom image as OG:image to make your directory homepage look good on Social Media (Yes/No)
    • FontAwesome record icon (shows next to the record count)
    • Number of category columns (1/2/3)
    • Show sidebar on index (Yes/No)
  • Listing View:
    • Number of record columns (1/2/3/4/6)
    • Show record creator (Yes/No)
    • Show record stats (Yes/No)
    • Show reviews/ratings (Yes/No)
    • Show sidebar on listing view (Yes/No)
    • Show moderation checkboxes (Yes/No)
  • Record View:
    • Show record stats (Yes/No)
    • Show reviews/ratings (Yes/No)
    • Show creation time (Yes/No)
    • Show record creator (Yes/No)
    • Show follow button (Yes/No)
    • Show tags (Yes/No)
    • Show creator contact button to create an on-site private message (Yes/No)
    • Show sidebar on record view (Yes/No)

Special features:

Turn an image upload field in a mini gallery:


Activate the User Mode to create a directory of community members with an option to contact them:


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