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Crypto Dark ( Acp Theme Included )

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Crypto Dark 1.0


*** DEMO  ( CLICK ) *** ( user: demo / pass: demo )

!!! No renewals - once a user has purchased this file they will be able to download all future versions.

!!! No price change for this template

This theme was made for every budget, is equal with a souvenir bought for a friend ( 11$ ) in vacation.In plus contains ACP theme in line with the theme.This theme is in beta, so for evet suggestion or bug find, im open for free in support topic.Every idea in reply section will be read and reviewed by us.If your suggestion is brilliant it will be added.

Theme contains:

  • Nice aspect with few benefits in acp 
  • MegaFooter ( You can modify the footer from ACP ) Enable / Disable - And change the text / id's & stuffs
  • Fully responsive ( 100% )
  • Option to upload header image if you dont want to use solid color
  • Personal info's in sidebar, you can dezactivate this option from acp if you are using a plugin
  • When you activate highlite posts a badge is active with " staff "
  • You can customize forum width  from acp ( im not speaking about fluid width )
  • You can put sublist forums on two or three columns
  • You can change sublist icons from ACP 
  • ACP Theme
  • You can change entire colors from ACP, if you dont like green.



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