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FX Documentation

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Attention! Pages application must be installed to use this database.

FX Documentation is a ready-to-use database to manage any kind of documentation within your community. 


  • Database setup with all settings for a quick start
  • Page for the database with custom CSS and JS scripts
  • Custom database fields, like menu title or position
  • Custom templates for displaying records or listings
  • Custom template for sidebar menu built from categories and records
  • Page Builder Page with all required blocks
  • Menu entry for front navigation
  • TOC (Table of contents) from h2-h6 heading within a record
  • Image ALT-Tag is displayed as visible caption below the image
  • Friendly mobile view to show the sidebar menu below the main content
  • Default record and categories 


This app installs a new database within the Pages application of IPS. The database, categories, templates, blocks, translation and all other default elements of Pages are customizable as usual. It's up to you to change page URL, add new fields, change position of the fields, adjust the views, set the permissions, enable or disable comments / reviews and so on.

Can I create such database without this app?

Absolutely, yes. If you have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL and IPS coding, you will be able to reproduce the database within some hours. Just create a database, required fields, go through all settings, create a page, custom templates for the page, record display, listing view and sidebar menu. Include your custom CSS and JS. Add some PHP hooks to handle cache or to have additional features. However, this app is a time saver even if you can.

Is there a demo?

Yes. See how it looks like on our demo page. If you register, you can use a test category to add/create/edit records.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

The database and all the data are yours and will not be removed. Templates, CSS, JS will remain, but will not be updated if a new version of this app is released. Some features like cache handling for blocks will be removed as they are part of the app. 

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