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(NE) Add 'Preview' button to Editor instances

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What is it?

It's a new iteration of these plugins, but with loads of added goodness:

What can it do that the previous plugins can't?

The plugin above was created to provide a 'Preview' button at the bottom of the 'New topic' and 'Comment' form in the Forums application only (like in the old days). When clicked, the button simply launches IPS' own 'Preview' functionality in the editor - that button is in the Editor toolbar, and some felt it wasn't too logical being there.

This new plugin, however...

  • is not limited to the Forums application - it is for any front-end Editor instance in any application, including 3rd-party applications
    • if you find a page where this doesn't work, please report it for further testing
  • the button can now be configured as follows:
    • located either directly under the editor, or at the bottom of the form on which the editor exists
    • you can style or size the button too, all via the plugin settings
  • supports multiple editor instances
    • Example: let's say you have a Pages database which has 2 editor instances - each editor could have its own button below it, which handles that editor instance only. Or the button at the bottom of the form would enable the preview in all editors on the page.
  • oh, and now when you click the button to turn on the preview you can click the button again to turn if off (instead of needing to scroll up to the top of the preview to click the IPS provided close button)
  • The 'Who' & 'Where' for the button being available is all tied to the groups/areas setting for the 'Preview' plugin provided by IPS in the Editor itself (Customization -> (EDITOR) Toolbars ... click the button)

Important notes:

  • Editor instances within dialogs are not currently supported, but I am working on figuring that one out further.
  • Editor instances in the ACP are not supported.

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