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This application allows you to get information from IMDb and create a box. It is compatible with all applications that use the topic-comment structure.


Supported categories

  • Movies
  • TV Shows

How to use?
For example: [imdb=tt4701724]

That's all you need to do. After sending your comment, it converts the bbcode into a box.

Who wrote the api?
API is required to get information from IMDB, so I wrote an API service myself. Of course, this is an html scrapper. If IMDb does not change page layouts, it can receive data properly.


  • Responsive design

It looks good on all devices. (e.g: pc, tablet, phone)

  • Auto update

The data pool will update automatically if it is older than a certain day when the page opens.

  • Manuel update

If you want, you can manually update a single box.

  • Translatable

Language support for information in the boxes.

  • Cache and Saving Poster

Saves the data and the poster to prevent the page from slowing down.


  • Three different cover resizes
  • Two different cache methods
  • Cache expire time
  • Read more
  • Flags instead of language names (not perfect)
  • Ability to clear the cache directory from ACP
  • Groups to use the bbcode
  • Number to use box in a post
  • Groups to do manuel update

Next version

  • Box for person pages
  • Ability to edit the plot

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