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(MIX) Advanced Reaction Settings

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The plug-in allows you to extend the standard settings of the reactions and make them more flexible for the administrator.

The main functions of the plug-in are the settings for the availability of each reaction to certain groups / users / forums topic, the possibility of changing the standard "weight" (reputation points) for each reaction, and settings of the maximum number of negative reactions allowed to be given to the group during the day.

Availability settings for group/member/forums include:

  • Ability to prohibit the reaction for a certain group or several groups (or all groups, which is equivalent to a standard disabling reaction).
  • Ability to prohibit the reaction for a particular member or several members (in case you have individual members abusing certain reactions you can not prohibit the reaction to the group as a whole, to prohibit it only for individual members).
  • The ability to resolve the reaction only for a specific member or several members (for example, you have an exclusive reactions to which you want to provide only one or more members / moderators / administrators, while other members should not be available).
  • The ability to exclude a member or several members from recipients of a particular reaction. That is, for all publications made by the members specified in the setting, the reaction will not be available.
  • The ability to configure the availability of reactions depending on the topic of the forum. The global setting allows you to completely disable reactions for selected forum topics. The settings for each reaction allow you to configure the availability of a specific reaction in various topics of the forum.

Settings of the "weight" of reputation include:

  • The ability to specify an extended range of reputation points from -100 to +100 (compared to the standard + 1 / -1).

Settings: The maximum number of negative reactions allowed to be given to the group during the day:

  • ACP -> Members -> Groups -> Tab Social (the logic of the work is as follows: the default setting sets the limit for all reactions per day, setting the plug-in sets the limit for negative reactions from this total number. Thus, if you specify for example a limit of total = 10 and a limit of negative = 3, this means that the group can issue a maximum of 10 reactions per day, with only a maximum of 3 of which may be negative).

All Prohibited reaction will not be available even when you try to substitute the request URL in the address bar. About what the corresponding page will be given with an error.

To visually identify the presence of additional options in the reaction list, additional labels are added to the reaction list indicating that the response has settings for groups, users, or the presence of an enhanced reputation value, while also the number of reputation points that this reaction modifies.

Thus, when composing these settings, you can pretty flexibly configure which reactions will be available to certain users or groups or forums etc.

I would like to dwell on some points, so that there are no unnecessary questions.

  • For the correct operation of the plug-in, I had to change the opening of the reactions settings window to the non-modal mode, in spite of the fact that developers like modal windows, this imposes some restrictions on the behavior of some elements on the form. So do not be surprised that when the plug-in is enabled, the response settings window is now not modal. In view of the fact that the work with the developers' reactions is realized through a third and not through the class, there are certain restrictions on overriding the standard settings.
  • When the plug-in is disabled, the extended reaction values remain in effect as they were set when the plug-in was enabled.
  • When removing the plug-in, all extended reaction values are given to + 1 / -1 by the principle of whether the reaction had a positive or negative weight.
  • Plugin originally English-speaking (EN). In order not to keep in development two versions of the plug-in for different languages, in this plug-in I tried to implement my pseudo-multilanguage. , but if you have the Russian language in the system, translated (RU) lines will be installed automatically when installed.

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